Waxin's Opening in West Palm Beach and Naples

With one location in Palm Beach Gardens, Waxin's is continuing to grow.

Waxin's Opening in West Palm Beach and Naples
Via @waxins on Instagram

Two new high-end dining establishments are in the works for Naples and West Palm Beach, co-founder Bruce Caprara told FFBW. Waxin's, a brand rooting in Swedish and Scandinavian cuisine and hospitality, is preparing to further establish itself in South Florida.

As the website states, the restaurants will have several rooms offering a variation of experiences for the guests. Caprara reported that the WPB location will have "The Ladies Room." This will be an exclusive and elevated section of the restaurant with a unique atmosphere and design.

In Naples, they will feature "The Living Room." Per the website: "The Living Room at Waxin's is designed to be your home away from home. It has an upscale blend of high-tops, regular seating and standing cocktail tables, all of which have a nice view of the bar and access to a TV with live sports. It is the perfect mix of restaurant and home." Also expect a private wine room.

The West Palm Beach unit will open at: 230 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. This location will open between July 15 and August of this year. They will have 220 seats in total.

The Naples location will open at: 9118 Strada Pl, Naples, FL 34108. Caprara expects Naples to open on the same timeline as WPB. They will have 200 seats here.

Visit Waxin's online.