Volcanic Sushi + Sake Opening in Miami

Gainesville brand is putting down roots in Miami.

Volcanic Sushi + Sake Opening in Miami
From @volcanicsushisake

A new location of Volcanic Sushi + Sake is opening very soon, owner and chef Nestor Espartero told FFBW. Volcanic Sushi + Sake has two other locations in Gainesville, and this will be their first restaurant in South Florida.

The Miami restaurant is awaiting inspections currently, and Chef Espartero anticipates finishing everything up and opening as soon as February the 8th. Volcanic Sushi + Sake maintains a growth oriented mindset, and Chef Espartero is continuously on the look out for potential locations.

Find the restaurant at: 20525 Old Cutler Rd, Cutler Bay, FL 33189.

The brand has repeatedly been dubbed the best sushi in Gainesville. Their mission statement online reads:

"It is our vision to become the most dominant Asian restaurant in the world by providing outstanding innovative quality food, exceptional service and ensure cleanliness in each of our store so we can provide an exquisite and memorable dining experience to all our guests..."

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