Vincenzo's, Oasis Rotisserie Chicken, TKL Food and More Restaurant News

Another week of restaurant news in the books!

Vincenzo's, Oasis Rotisserie Chicken, TKL Food and More Restaurant News

Welcome back to this week's round up. We have another exciting list of new and upcoming concepts throughout the state, from full service restaurants to new food trucks starting to realize their culinary dreams.



TKL Food

A new fast food joint specializing in gourmet, chef-driven hot dogs and lobster rolls is coming to Miami soon. TKL Foods is led by owners James Naili and Nawal Medjellekh.

Naili reported to FFBW that TKL Food is close to opening. Currently, he estimates commencing business in February.

The menu will consist of beef, chicken or pork hot dogs, along with lobster rolls. For sides, TKL will serve mac and cheese, rice and beens, fries or nachos. Follow their Instagram for more info.

Find the new fast food spot at: 12475 NE 6th Ct, North Miami, FL 33161.

Volcanic Sushi + Sake

A new location of Volcanic Sushi + Sake is opening very soon, owner and chef Nestor Espartero told FFBW. Volcanic Sushi + Sake has two other locations in Gainesville, and this will be their first restaurant in South Florida.

The Miami restaurant is awaiting inspections currently, and Chef Espartero anticipates finishing everything up and opening as soon as February the 8th. Volcanic Sushi + Sake maintains a growth oriented mindset, and Chef Espartero is continuously on the look out for potential locations.

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Chez Lima Pesto

A new food truck is opening in Miami, owner Wadner Lima told FFBW. The food truck is expected to serve Asian-American cuisine.

Lima reported to the FFBW that Chez Lima Pesto is planned to open as soon as next month. Lima is planning to launch an online presence for the brand soon.


Valhalla Grill

A new location of the growing South Florida brand Valhalla Grill is coming to Hollywood Beach. Owner Luis Guillermo Zapata told FFBW that the new restaurant is planned to open in the Harrison Hotel once it undergoes renovations.

Valhalla Grill has a physical location currently in the Hard Rock Stadium and a mobile food truck unit as well. The newest addition opening in Hollywood Beach will offer full-service dining with a bar and lounge. Zapata reported that there will be 180 seats in the restaurant.

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4 AM

A new restaurant and lounge called 4 AM is opening in Lauderhill, owner Vernon Boroughs told FFBW. The concept is slated to open in February or March of this year.

Boroughs had few details to offer regarding the menu, but we can expect the concept to serve alcohol and to be open late, given the name.

Find the new restaurant and bar at: 3974 NW 19th St, Lauderhill, FL 33311.



A New York-style pizzeria and slice shop is opening in Boca Raton soon, co-owner and pizzaiolo Alex Kudeviz told FFBW. Kudeviz intends for the shop to serve the students of nearby middle and high schools.

The concept behind Vincenzo's is to be a quick neighborhood staple where guests can order slices, whole pies and appetizers. The simple menu is meant to allow Vincenzo's to focus on their core dishes and make them well.

The shop is in the beginning stages of build out, Kudeviz said. He expects to open in March or April at the latest.

Find Vincenzo's in an intimate 1,000 square foot space at: 3011 W Yamato Rd a11, Boca Raton, FL 33434.

Tasty Fried Food and More

A new food truck is opening soon in Palm Beach County, owner Clifford Bell told FFBW. Tasty Fried Food and More will serve an array of comfort foods, like hot wings, chicken nuggets, pork chops, fries and boiled peanuts.

The truck is near opening, Bell said. He's awaiting inspections to be completed and plans to open at the latest by the end of February.


Grace O'Malley's Public House

A new Irish pub is coming to Clermont soon via owners Wayne and Mary Linderman. Grace O'Malley's Public House shares its namesake with the pirate queen of Ireland during the reign Queen Elizabeth I of England.

The pub is meant to be an homage the tradition of Irish pubs, and faithful to that inspiration, we can expect Irish beers and traditional Irish pub fare.

Linderman also shared that they will be serving house beers, which will come from Linderman's brand Rock Fleet Brewing Company. We can expect an Irish red ale called Rock Fleet Red, a Belgium white dubbed White Seahorse and their Clew Bay IPA.

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Taylor's Seafood and More

A New Orleans-style food truck is opening soon in Groveland, owner Randall Taylor told FFBW.

Taylor's Seafood and More will serve a menu of jambalaya, po' boys, fried fish, seafood boils and much more. The new truck is opening very soon, Taylor said. Expect to find them serving food by February 7th.

To keep up with the brand and their schedule, follow them on Facebook and online.


Katan Kitchen

A new food truck with a wide ranging menu is opening up soon in Central Florida. Katan Kitchen, owned by Fernando Hernandez and Judith Camacho, is planning to open in just a couple of weeks.

The truck will serve a menu that offers dishes from tacos, burritos, smash burgers, rice bowls and more. Camacho told FFBW that this is her first time opening a food truck, but the chef has decades of experience cooking delicious meals.

Once opened, they will do a mixture of events and spots where they can regularly be found. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.


Pringelli Foods

A new food truck is coming to Punta Gorda soon, owner Bill Pringle told FFBW. Pringelli Foods will be a versatile mix of casual food truck and a upscale catering operation.

Pringle intends to open the truck in about three weeks. Once open, he will attend events and stake out in popular areas to serve chili, chili dogs, chili fries, burgers and more. Additionally, he will offer catering and private chef services in which he will have a broad menu.

Pringle has worked in the culinary world before as a caterer and upscale private chef. Keep and eye out for Pringelli Foods in the coming weeks.


Puerto Rican Spice Restaurant

Popular food truck Puerto Rican Spice is moving into a brick and mortar restaurant very soon. Owner Doris Fernandez told FFBW that they've been building out their space for two years and now they are in the final stages of inspections.

Puerto Rican Spice Restaurant will feature a larger menu that was offered in the food truck. Fernandez also reported that the food truck has been sold, and all operations for the Puerto Rican Spice brand will continue in their brick and mortar location.

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Southern Ember Food Truck

A new food truck is opening soon in the Tampa area. Southern Ember food truck will be serving a fusion of American southern food with different global cuisines.

Owner David Adrian told FFBW that Southern Ember will feature dishes like buffalo chicken egg rolls, BBQ chicken empanadas and other similar dishes.

The truck, once open, will bounce around to different events and bars.

Elizabeth Fruit & Snack Station

A new food truck is opening in the Tampa area soon, owner Haydee Cerros told FFBW. Elizabeth Fruit & Snack will specialize in serving fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices and snacks like french fries.

The truck is waiting inspections, and Cerros plans to open in 3-4 weeks.


Arrosticini Food Truck

A new and yet to be named food truck is opening in St. Pete soon, owner Roger Di Ciccio told FFBW. The truck will mainly serve the popular Italian street food arrosticini, which are small, grilled lamb skewers.

The truck is drawing its inspiration from the New York-based truck D'Abruzzo, of which Di Ciccio is friends with the owner. They will be serving mainly the late night, post-clubbing crowd who's hungry after a night of drinking and dancing.

In addition to arrosticini, the truck will serve chicken Parmesan, gourmet hot dogs, and Italian style chicken cutlets.

The truck is nearing completion, Di Ciccio told FFBW. He plans to open in 30 days or less.


Oasis Rotisserie Chicken

The second location of Puerto-Rican rotisserie chicken restaurant is planning to open this Spring in Port Richey. Oasis Rotisserie Chicken began as a food truck six years ago, moved into a brick and mortar three years ago and is now opening its second brick and mortar unit.

The new restaurant is currently in demolition, co-owner Violet De Jesus told FFBW. The new location will provide the same two-day-seasoned and slow-cooked rotisserie chicken that has gained notoriety around Tampa Bay over the past six years.

De Jesus is planning to open on May 1st at: 6404 Ridge Rd, Port Richey, FL 34668.

You can follow the brand's Facebook to keep up with the news and see specials at its current location.


The Mustang Grill and Bar

An expansion of Mustang Grill and Bar is planned for this spring, owner Shaun Willis told FFBW. The grill and bar is approaching its ninth year of business in the town of Archer, FL, and they're adding an outdoor beer garden to increase their seating capacity.

Planned to appear in front of the building, complete with tables and umbrellas, the beer garden will add 40 seats to Mustang's overall capacity. The garden will be sectioned off by concrete bulwarks that muralists are currently painting.

The Mustang Grill and Bar is active on Facebook, and Willis posts daily specials on their page, like $5 burgers, free mimosas with food purchase, BOGO drinks after 9 pm and many other great discounts.

Mustang Grill and Bar is located at: 13232 SW State Rd 45, Archer, FL 32618. The beer garden is projected to officially open in March or April.

Follow their Facebook page for their great specials.

Fritanga El Nica

A new Nicaraguan and Cuban fusion food truck is opening in Gainesville soon, according to the Molinarez family, who owns the business. Fritanga El Nica will specialize in serving primarily Nicaraguan food, along with Cuban sandwiches and other dishes.

The truck is the final stages of preparation, and they are expecting to open as soon as the first week of February. Once opened, they will alternate between serving food at festivals and events and staking out at: 3850 Newberry Rd, Gainesville, FL 32607.

You can keep up to date with the truck by following their Facebook page.


Mixson With Shay

Owner Shayla Gelsey reported that she is transitioning her catering and private chef business into a mobile food trailer very soon. Mixson with Shay has been a home-based Jacksonville catering business for the past four years.

Mixson with Shay will continue to serve the dishes it has gained notoriety with over the years. Expect to enjoy a different food offerings each day of the week. Gelsey said that on Mondays, they may serve chicken wings with pasta salad, macaroni and cheese and rice; while on Tuesdays they'll offer tacos; on Wednesdays pasta-based dishes; and on Thursdays Gelsey will serve lamb chops, and so forth.

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Salvatore's Old Fashioned Pizzeria

Rochester, New York-born brand Salvatore's Old Fashion Pizzeria is bringing its famous pies to Jacksonville. Owner and founder of the brand Salvatore "SoccerSam" Fantauzzo shared that they are bringing the first of 10 locations to Jacksonville in partnership with Dr. Ferdinand Formoso.

The first pizzeria is planned to open at: 4820 W Deer Lake Dr w d 11, Jacksonville, FL 32246. As of now, an exact opening date isn't available, but SoccerSam is hoping for around Valentine's Day.

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