Vicky Bakery, Community Family Restaurant, Mi Veracruz and More News

Enjoy another round up of food news throughout Florida!

Vicky Bakery, Community Family Restaurant, Mi Veracruz and More News

Welcome back to this week's round up. We interviewed an array of restaurant, cafe and food truck owners this week. Find the news below.

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Sunbelt Kava Company

A new tea and kava lounge is coming to Fort Lauderdale soon, co-owner Luke Lockart told FFBW. Sunbelt Kava Company will provide the area with a tea and kava bar for people to relax and try a wide variety of beverages.

Lockart reported that the bar will offer a range of teas meant for medicinal and recreational use. The bar will get their teas directly from their source. For instance, their kava will come directly from the Polynesian Islands where the root is grown.

Additionally, they won't include artificial flavors or sweeteners in their beverages.

The bar is under development at: 3327 NE 32nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. Find them online as well.

Lockart plans to open by May.



A new food truck is coming to Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, owner Yahia Sewellam told FFBW. Crispellas will be Sewellam's first food truck.

Crispellas will serve an array of desserts, coffees and light finger foods. An exact menu is still under development.

Once opened, Sewellam will try to find places to set up regularly. He'll be open seven days a week from 11 am - midnight. Keep an eye out for Crispellas toward the first of May.


Vicky Bakery

A new location of Vicky Bakery is opening soon in Ave Maria, franchisee Phong Ho told FFBW. Ho reports that this is the most westward location of Vicky Bakery, as most are the in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

The Cuban franchise is planned to open in about three weeks, Ho said. The store will appear at: 5076 Annunciation Cir, Ave Maria, FL 34142. The space will be around 2,000 square feet, Ho said.

This is Ho's first unit with the brand; however, he is interested in expanding and opening more locations if this one goes well.

The Vicky Bakery brand, founded in Miami, has grown to several locations in south and central Florida. Follow them online for more info.


Community Family Restaurant

A new Haitian restaurant is planning to open in Newtown, business manager Rachelle Jones told FFBW.

The restaurant is nearing their opening date and plans to commence business as soon as May or June. They will be opening at: 1919 Dr Martin Luther King Way, Sarasota, FL 34234.

The menu will include a range of delicious meals, like prime rib, curry chicken, jerk chicken, lobster, curry goat, fried plantains and much more. Once operational, they will be open seven days a week.

Jones, who runs the Newtown Entrepreneurs Business Association, helps foster growth for businesses through consulting and branding.

Newtown Ice Cream Supreme

A new cafe is coming to Newtown as well, business manager Rachelle Jones told FFBW. The new cafe is opening around the same time that Community Family Restaurant is slated to debut: May or June.

The Newtown Ice Cream Supreme will be serving desserts, sandwiches, salads and more.

They are preparing their space at: 1946 Dr Martin Luther King Way, Sarasota, FL 34234.


Taste of New York South

A new food truck is opening in Melbourne Beach soon, owner Michael Malegiannakis told FFBW. Taste of New York South will be serving Italian, Greek and American cuisines.

Malegiannakis reported that they will be open during the second week of May. Once opened, they will maintain hours of 11am - 7pm seven days a week. The truck will be stationary at: 3860 Florida A1A, Melbourne Beach, FL 32951, across from a beach access.

Expect to enjoy gyros, falafel, chicken parmesan, Greek salads, grilled cheese on sourdough and much more.

Watch out for Taste of New York South next month.


Open Container Wine

A new Open Container Wine bar location is opening in Altamonte Springs this summer, franchisee Steven Norris shared with FFBW. Norris, who owns one Open Container Wine in the Orlando area, reported that this new unit will likely open in August.

The concept takes a new spin on repurposed shipping containers, creating a wine bar out of a '20 container. Guests can sit at the bar to enjoy wine, beer and charcuterie. Open Container Wine also offers tastings events as well.

See photos and the full article.

Mona Vegan Cuisine

A new food truck is coming to Longwood soon, owner Guy Abramovich told FFBW. Mona Vegan Cuisine will be serving vegan middle eastern dishes.

This truck is planning to open in three to four weeks, Abramovich told FFBW. Once operational, they will offer hummus, falafel, fresh baked pita bread and other plant based middle eastern foods.

Abramovich said that this is his first food truck. Once opened, he will look for places to stake out, and he will attend events as well.

Watch out for Mona Vegan Cuisine soon.


Cafe 8 Fifty Restaurant & Lounge

A new restaurant and lounge is opening soon in Tallahassee near the FSU stadium. Co-owner Katorro Hall reported that Cafe 8 Fifty will likely open in June.

Expect to enjoy foods like BBQ, fried chicken, burgers and other similar dishes. Hall reported that since they are near the stadium, they will be offering dishes that pair well with sporting events and tailgating.

Cafe 8 Fifty will also likely offer a full bar, but that may not be available as soon as they open.

Look out for Cafe 8 Fifty at: 1313 Jackson Bluff Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32304.


The Pink Peony

A fun, funky and off the beaten path cafe is coming to Green Cove Springs soon, owner Kristina Byrd told FFBW. Byrd, who also owns the One Swanky Chic Boutique, said that the concept will focus on delivering a unique food and beverage program to Green Cove Springs.

Read the full write up.


Mi Veracruz

A local Jacksonville restaurant is moving to a larger, updated location and opening a food trailer as well. Owner Sandra Baez told FFBW that Mi Veracruz has been open for nearly 12 years.

The new location, Baez said, will open around 5 minutes from the original at: 4143 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32207. This new location will allow the brand to update its space and revamp the menu.

They plan to make the move in the next month or so. In conjunction with the new brick and mortar space, Mi Veracruz will open a food trailer of the same name for catering and events.

Baez also shared that she is opening a Mexican grocery store at: 1650 Art Museum Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32207. The store will open in around a month as well.

Shawarma Guys

A new food truck is opening in the Jacksonville area, co-owner Tamer Makary told FFBW. Shawarma Guys will serve a range of Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly Egyptian street food.

Makary said that the intention is to open this location and expand into a fleet of trucks. Shawarma Guys plans to debut in a month or so. Once opened, they will be operate six days a week, from Monday - Saturday.

During the week, they'll serve food from 9 am - 9 pm. On the weekends, they'll open at noon and stay open late to catch the nightlife crowd.

Expect Shawarma Guys to pop up at festivals and events as well.

Philly in a Roll

A new food truck is opening in Jacksonville, owner Eric Madison told FFBW. Philly in a Roll is planning to open as soon as next month, Madison said.

The truck will serve Philly cheesesteaks, egg rolls and other similar dishes. Madison plans to be open from Tuesday - Saturday serving lunch and dinner.

As of now, Madison is looking for places to set up the truck and sell his food. Reach out via the Philly in a Roll Instagram.