The Fryer House Food Truck Is Going Brick and Mortar

The Fryer House is planning an indoor space for guests to enjoy their hot chicken.

The Fryer House Food Truck Is Going Brick and Mortar
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The Tampa-area food truck Fryer House is opening a storefront soon, owner Ashraf Ayyash told FFBW. The Fryer House space will allow them to add more options to the menu.

Ayyash reported that they will open at: 6617 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604. The goal is to debut in mid-June if all goes well. The storefront will allow The Fryer House to offer an expanded menu of grilled options and fruit juices.

The Fryer House will offer the first Halal al pastor tacos at their new location, Ayyash said. Fresh and locally sourced fruit juices will be available too. The watermelon juice, for example, will be a small watermelon blended into a juice for guests to carry out. This same principal will be applied to the other items.

The menu of fried hot chicken, wings, sandwiches, Japanese fried chicken and much more will be available most days of the week. The truck will be stationed near the building and will serve as the kitchen for the space. Guests will order at the counter and will not interface with the truck while there.

When they open, Ayyash said that the truck will be at the brick and mortar space every day. Eventually, they will find a rhythm of days in which the truck is elsewhere at events and pop-ups too.