Yellow Grease Disposal vs. Grease Traps: Avoid a Common Mistake

Know the crucial difference between the two.

Yellow Grease Disposal vs. Grease Traps: Avoid a Common Mistake

Opening a restaurant or food truck in Florida? We're here to help.

Two kitchen operations everyone should know:

  • Yellow grease disposal
  • Grease traps

Understanding the difference between these elements can save you from last-minute restaurant mistakes. Ensure a smooth start for your business by reading below.

Yellow Grease Disposal:

Yellow grease is a natural byproduct of most restaurant's kitchens. People also know it as used cooking oil (UCO) or used fryer oil. You risk hefty fines and environmental damage if not handled by a professional. A reliable yellow grease disposal service follows regulations and contributes to eco-friendly practices.

Partnering with a professional service before you open is necessary. This proactive step will help operations run smoothy. Additionally, it upholds your restaurant's reputation as a responsible business.

Grease Traps:

Grease traps are different and equally necessary. They play a preventive role in your kitchen plumbing system. These traps intercept fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from wastewater. Otherwise, they'd cause clogged sewer lines.

Regular maintenance of grease traps is vital. Without it, your restaurant's plumbing functioning to malfunction. This can lead to costly repairs that disrupt your operations. A foul stench can even permeate in the restaurant if left unclean for too long.

Don't Make This Mistake:

Your restaurant or food truck is ready to open. You have a grease trap, so does that mean you don't need a grease collection service? No.

Grease traps catch smaller amounts of grease washed down sinks and drains. You should never pour used cooking down a drain. Instead get a container from a professional service. They'll come and empty it whenever needed.

New restaurateurs frequently confuse grease traps for yellow grease disposal. They are quite different! Even if you have a grease trap, you might need yellow grease disposal too.

A professional service leaves you with a convenient way to dispose of used frying oil whenever needed.

Finding a Provider

Yellow grease disposal is a competitive market. Finding the right vendor for your restaurant or food truck doesn't have to be a hassle.

Florida Food and Beverage Weekly partners with reliable service providers. These are resources for new Florida restaurant and food truck owners.

If you have questions about grease disposal, contact Eazy Grease:

Eazy Grease - Used Oil Collection

Eazy Grease is an independently owned company that provides a safe and efficient service for collecting and recycling your used cooking oil. Our goal at Eazy Grease is to deliver a consistent, reliable, and stress-free service for all of our customers. Our used cooking oil collection service helps businesses dispose of waste fryer oil and grease to be used for the production of renewable biofuel products.