Piled High Friezz Launching as Food Truck After Serving Fort Myers Beach Post Ian

Owner Pam Shank shared a powerful story of determination with FFBW.

Piled High Friezz Launching as Food Truck After Serving Fort Myers Beach Post Ian
Find Piled High Friezz staked out at 163 Old San Carlos Blvd | Google Earth Pro

What was a food stand feeding the construction workers after hurricane Ian has moved into a trailer on Fort Myers Beach, owner Pam Shank told FFBW. Piled High Fries is bringing customizable gourmet fries to the island.

Shank, originally from Detroit, Michigan, moved to Fort Myers Beach just before the strike of hurricane Ian. To afford temporary housing, Shank opened a food stand on the side of San Carlos Blvd and provided breakfast burritos, burgers and hot dogs to the construction workers cleaning up the wreckage. This was before she could sell the food and had to rely on donations and tips from her customers.

Determined to maintain her dream of living in Florida, she began offering food at a strip club across the street that was operating out of a tent as well. As her popularity grew, she got a trailer and is now staked out at: 163 Old San Carlos Blvd, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931, where she operates Tuesday - Sunday.

Still waiting on final licensing, she is offering her food for free in lieu of tips, donations, feedback, and pricing suggestions until approval comes through.

The fries come with topping options like: grouper, shrimp, steak, chicken, homemade pulled pork, ground beef, chorizo, bacon, shawarma-style meat, homemade sauces, cheese and more. She will also include mango or pineapple onto the fries, which Shank vows is delicious.

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