Mixson With Shay Opening a Food Trailer in Jacksonville

Local chef and caterer is growing their business with a new mobile trailer.

Mixson With Shay Opening a Food Trailer in Jacksonville
Owner Shayla Gelsey in the new trailer via @mixsonwithshay on Instagram

Owner Shayla Gelsey reported that she is transitioning her catering and private chef business into a mobile food trailer very soon. Mixson with Shay has been a home-based Jacksonville catering business for the past four years.

Mixson with Shay will continue to serve the dishes it has gained notoriety with over the years. Expect to enjoy a different food offerings each day of the week. Chef Shay said that on Mondays, they may serve chicken wings with pasta salad, macaroni and cheese and rice; while on Tuesdays they'll offer tacos; on Wednesdays pasta-based dishes; and on Thursdays Chef Shay will serve lamb chops, and so forth. The menu, Chef Shay said, will constantly be rotating and evolving.

The Mixson with Shay trailer is planned to appear at the Trout River Food Truck Park at: 10204 Lem Turner Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32218. Chef Shay plans to be open there Monday - Friday from 4-7 pm. On the weekends, Mixson with Shay will appear at events and handle catering orders.

The trailer is nearly ready to go, and Chef Shay estimates that they'll open in February.

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