Girls From Brazil Food Truck Opening in Tallahassee

Authentic Brazilian food is coming to Tallahassee.

Girls From Brazil Food Truck Opening in Tallahassee
Via @girlsfrombrazilft on Instagram

A new authentic Brazilian-style food truck is coming to Tallahassee from owners Alessandra Tuasco and Lais De Paula. The two natives of Brazil are bringing traditional, homestyle Brazilian recipes to Tallahassee soon.

Girls from Brazil will serve dishes like coxinha (which are similar to croquetas), naturally gluten-free Brazilian desserts and much more. The business has appeared at farmer's markets and city events as a pop up, and De Paula shared that they are excited to have a larger physical presence in their truck.

Courtesy of Girls From Brazil

They are expecting to open soon but are waiting on licensing to be complete.

De Paula reported that they want people to feel like that are eating food cooked by a Brazilian grandmother at a family meal. Their dishes will be traditional and built on lasting Brazilian recipes.

To follow the brand, go to their Instagram. They will post their next events there.