Doughboy Burgers Food Trailer is Opening in Freeport Soon

A popular family-run food trailer is migrating to Florida.

Doughboy Burgers Food Trailer is Opening in Freeport Soon
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Memphis-born food trailer Doughboy Burgers is relocating to Freeport Beach soon, owner Steven Rogers told FFBW. Rogers started the family business with his wife, Jennifer, a year and a half ago, and now they are bringing their recipes to the gulf coast.

Doughboy Burgers serves a menu steeped in Southern tradition. Rogers reported that their dough burger recipe originated from the depression era of Northeastern Mississippi. Ground beef mixed with a homemade dough is pressed and seared on a 500 degree flat grill, garnished with pickles, cheese and a homemade chipotle aioli. The name Doughboy Burgers serves as a reference to the brand's menu, but also to Steven Roger's time as a marine infantryman.

The rest of their menu reflects other time-tested favorites, like a family-kept sloppy joe recipe that originated in Chicago. Remembering their depression era roots, Rogers said that Doughboy is meant to be an affordable and delicious option for everyone.

Roger's expects to be open in about a week. They are waiting for the trailer to undergo Florida inspections. Once opened, they will be transient, popping up at different events and venues in the area.

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