Comic Book Store and Snack Bar Coming to Plant City

Plant City Comic Cafe is expected to open in as soon as two months.

Comic Book Store and Snack Bar Coming to Plant City
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A new comic book store and snack bar is planning to debut in Plant City in the next couple of months, co-owner Michelle Ervin told FFBW. The business is coming the area via Ervin and her husband, Sherrick, who is a comic book enthusiast.

Plant City Comic Cafe will offer a rotating and curated selection of comics and a snack bar that serves American and Asian foods. The goal is to provide a space for comic book readers to find new reading material and to have delicious snacks and meals.

Expect to enjoy burgers, wings, instant ramen, kimbap, rice balls and more. Ervin indicated that they are still ironing out the menu and other items may be added as well. Ervin will also include handmade teas and lemonades, coffee, boba and other beverages.

The business will likely operate six days a week from 11 am - 7 pm. They expect to employ two full-time and two part-time employees initially.

Find Plant City Comic Cafe at: 303 S Collins St, Plant City, FL 33563.

Ervin expects to open in six weeks to two months, depending on how smoothly the build out goes. Visit them online.