A Cafe and Diner Are Opening in Silver Springs State Park

Springside Cafe and a Paradise's Treats are getting revamped in the state park.

A Cafe and Diner Are Opening in Silver Springs State Park
Progress in Springside Cafe courtesy of Cape Concessions Corporation

Two new concepts are re-opening in the Silver Springs State Park, Daniel LeBlanc of Cape Concessions Corporation told FFBW. Springside Cafe opened on Friday, March 8, and the dessert shop and diner is planning to open within a month.

LeBlanc shared that the building in the state park has been renovated and restored after years of deferred maintenance, and now him and his team are bringing new life to the restaurant spaces.

In what was formerly Paradise's Treats, a new 1960's style dessert shop and diner will be opening. Expect black and white checkered floors, red vinyl booths, soft serve, soda fountains, pizza, and other foods. LeBlanc estimates opening in a month or so.

Springside Cafe, which is already opened, is doubling as a cafe, bar and catering hub for events in the park and around the area.

The Springside Cafe menu offers handhelds from across the globe, including a chicken baguette, falafel pita and much more. Springside Cafe's main dishes include burgers, BBQ pork sliders, Cajun style catfish and more. Read more below.

Find the new concepts in Silver Springs State Park at: 5656 E Silver Springs Blvd, Silver Springs, FL 34488.

Menu as of 3/19/24 from Cape Concessions Corporation